Howdy, Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. My name is Joseph Alina. I am a recent graduate of Vancouver Film School in the 3D Animation and Visual Effects Program. At Vancouver Film School I had the pleasure to experience a studio lifestyle in a studio environment where course instuctors and mentors posed as studio supervisors, studio editors and studio directors. Before Vancouver Film School I was, and enjoyed my time, with 315th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, Charleston AFB, SC, US Air Froce Reserves. I have interest in 3D Animation, Video Games, Movies, Arts and Science. I also enjoy riding my motorcycle and snowboarding the Great Northwest. Please visit my video page. If you are looking for an impressionable 3D rigger and/or a 3D animator feel free to contact me by email joseph_alina@hotmail.com or by phone 1.360.979.0453. Thank you and enjoy!